Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes come in diversified types. They are varied in terms of shapes and sizes; each model has been designed in order to meet the needs of the users. This is why it is always overwhelming for the new users to choose on the right kind of cigarette. What started as a helping aid for the addicted smokers has now turned into one of the most celebrated activities even by non-smokers. The manner in which E cigs work is interesting and lucrative especially in the modern world where everyone wants to be in line with the technology. Many tobacco smokers have suffered a variety of complications because addiction to nicotine can be unforgiving. The most disturbing thing is that the tobacco contains tar that is composed of a whole range of toxins. This explains why tobacco smokers have been suffering from lung cancer, irritating coughs, mouth ulcers and other health complications

There are many types of E cigs and the user has to invest in time so as to get the right option that will fully satisfy his or her needs. For the starters, who are just crossing over from tobacco, the best type of E cigs to begin with is the mini type. The main reason is that they mimic the traditional tobacco cigarettes, and this manner helps the users to have fewer difficulties in adjusting at the same time, they can have their normal nicotine fix. Most of the minis have model numbers that usually differentiate the size as well as thread type. Among some of the popular brands in this case include; KR808, as well as the 501 series. The minis are small and very light in weight; they are also cheaper compared to other forms of cigarettes. These cigarettes are ideal for those who are just switching in from the tobacco cigarettes. However, these cigarettes have a shorter life span in terms of the battery, and they cannot satisfy the cravings of a heavy smoker.

Serious vapers will go for the eGO cigarettes, which are also among the best e cigarette brands of 2014 like V2 Cigs and Vaporfi. They are equally small in size, but all the same, their vapor production is a bit higher. Some of the popular brands under this category includes; tornado, Riva, KGo among others. These cigarettes are usually in varied formats, and the user will have more control and a stronger vaping experience. These cigarettes have a 510 threading which gives these cigarettes a wider option; they give sufficed performance for a good number of smokers than the mini cigarettes. However, these cigarettes do not obtain the automatic options; they are a bit larger compared to the minis and therefore may not be pleasing to some vapers.

The advanced personal vaporizers are the real solution for ultimate vaping. They resemble a flat tube. They have a high level of performance because of the larger batteries as well as other components that give the users the extra opportunity of having full control of the device. Beginners however should never start with them; they have to gain a vaping experience from the mini E cigs. These cigarettes have complicated settings and can only be controlled manually; therefore they may not work well for the beginners. These E cigs are well known for extreme performance; their batteries also last longer and also have full customization.

However, they are expensive compared to other versions; their batteries have the Li-ion cells, and this makes it more complicated for the users. Choosing an E cig can be tricky, and one should never feel offended to seek from the experts in order to arrive at the right choice. If you choose a popular brand like Vaporfi, you can use the Vaporfi coupon code to help cut down costs.

Much as most of the E cigs can be purchased online, it is easier to find some over the counters and this has made it permissible to the youngsters who were never smokers in the first place. The exposure of these cigarettes through the online and local journals has changed the image with which they were intended for.

These cigarettes are therefore recommended for the smokers who intend to quit smoking or want a change. Young children and curious teenagers should be fully discouraged from using the E Cigs at all costs.

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