Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette

Many experts have compiled the best electronic cigarette lists that you can find on the market. This is following numerous research and hours spent testing the various models. Inside the box of the Thorvap iBox TC 60W Kit, there is, in addition to the cigarette, also a tank with its atomizer, a rubber gasket for the possible replacement of the one already supplied, the micro-USB cable for charging, an extra glass tube and the instruction manual.

The body of the cigarette is made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, the color is unique (opaque black with silver inserts) and the whole has proven strength and durability. The HD OLED screen signals temperature, watts, volts, tank resistance and battery life and is clearly visible even under the sun. Battery life is around 1-2 days, if not used excessively.

Having to give an objective judgment to this excellent, it is safe to say that disadvantages are practically absent. Some customers reported a certain loss of liquid in the transportation of the cigarette, but closing the side vents later managed to solve the problem.

There are three keys on the body: one for switching on and off (also works to lock and unlock the cigarette, if pressed for five times) and two to increase or reduce the watts, starting from 7W to 60W.

From the reviews of our buyers, moreover, the Thorvap turns out to be a company extremely attentive to the needs of the customer and therefore, in case of breakdowns, the assistance service will always be ready to give you a hand.

In short, it is safe to recommend this product, both for the attractive design that for the competitive price, both for the long battery life and for the watt adjustment functions. Even the HD OLED screen seems to be a factor much appreciated by customers and the slightly larger size than the other models contribute to making this model of cigarette more robust and durable.

Eleaf iStick Pico Kit Box 75 W

This another model that thousands of people love as the best electronic cigarette. This cigarette, with its small size and low cost, has been positively evaluated both by the habitual users of these products and by the people who approached it for the first time.

The body of the cigarette is available in different colors: black, gray, silver, white and fuchsia. The type 18650 battery must be purchased separately.

This cigarette has very few weaknesses compared to the advantages. The battery is not included in the package, but other than that we have not found any faults or received any particular complaints.

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